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Cocolandia By-Laws

This page exists in order to serve our desire for transparency. While not all of our by-laws will be published here, those that affect how we conduct ourselves, both as a project and as individuals, are presented verbatim both for our own records and for those considering joining us.

Official Document Language

Proposal: All official Cocolandia documents shall be typed or written as appropriate in British English with Ecuadorian Spanish translations typed/written on request.

PASSED via unanimous consent on 2019-03-31

Cocolandia Membership Policy

## Applications ##
Those that share the Vision and Mission of Cocolandia and are seriously interested in joining the quest for (peaceful) world domination via cooperative fruiterrarism (blatantly planting as much fruit as possible, regardless of what non-fruitarians may think, in pursuit of the political aim of creating an alternative to Babylon -- derived from "Terra Frutis"), respect for personal freedom, and non-violent honesty in communication are encouraged to review to full comprehension the following webpages in their entirety:
and then proceed to fill out the Questionnaire and send it to the Cocolandia email account as per the enclosed instructions.
We request that each individual planning to arrive at Cocolandia fill out a separate questionnaire if capable of doing so, even if arriving with others. A security deposit of 60 USD will be collected from each new arrival. Deductions from this include a share of the monthly utility bills and any incurred costs of replacing lost/broken items or killed plants. Volunteers that stay for less than three weeks forfeit their entire security deposit.

## Membership Reviews ##
All interested in volunteering and potential membership will have their inquiries/questionnaires reviewed at our Cocolandia meeting. The existing project members will decide via consensus whether to extend an invitation to interested persons who have sent questionnaires. We only accept those who can commit to at least a three-week stay. Accepted applicants are considered volunteers for their first six months here and will work on designated tasks for 20 hours per week, during which time it will become apparent whether they are a proper fit for Cocolandia. Regardless of whether or not they are interested in becoming a long-term member of the project, volunteers will have the opportunity to live and "work" on the land while cultivating experience in building food forests and enjoying the abundant sunshine and aesthetics of one of Ecuador's many beautiful climate zones. During these first six months, volunteers interested in membership may participate in meetings and contribute to the discussion but may not participate in the final decision-making process. After this six-month trial period, existing members will decide via consensus whether to extend full membership. Furthermore, after one month of a volunteer being at Cocolandia, existing members will conduct a preliminary review of whether the person seems to be a suitable fit in the project as well as ask the person to review whether the Cocolandia project fits them. If either of these is not the case, the existing members may ask the person to leave. A similar pre-acceptance review also occurs after three months.

## Returning Absentees ##
"Members" must re-apply if absent for more than 3 years.
"Volunteers" must receive invitation to return AND if absent for more than 1 year must re-apply by submitting a new questionnaire.

## Cocolandia Natives ##
Membership status for Cocolandia natives, meaning those whose lives begin and who thereafter continue to reside at Cocolandia, shall be determined as follows:
-- Any caregiver-dependent child that does not submit their own questionnaire, whether they are conceived "on the land" at Cocolandia or they arrive with others, is assigned the "Member-To-Be" status.
-- A "Member-To-Be" may live on the land and participate in the project similarly to a "Volunteer" and likewise lack the privilege of affecting/blocking proposals/decisions at Cocolandia meetings.
-- After living at Cocolandia for at least six (6) months, a "Member-To-Be" is given the option to request a membership review. This request would be submitted only when the individual feels that they are ready to join Cocolandia as a full-fledged "Member" with full influence over project decisions. If this request is met with approval, the individual's status changes from "Member-To-Be" to "Member". If the request is not met with approval, the individual's status changes from "Member-To-Be" to "Volunteer", issues are discussed with the goal of resolution, and the standard "Volunteer" review process applies.

## Revocation of Membership ##
In the event that an existing Member (i.e. one having already been approved following their six-month trial period) instigates dysfunction or separation within the project/network, routinely engages in behaviours contrary to those conducive to the realisation of the project Vision and/or success of the Mission, repeatedly acts disingenuously or attempts to threaten/control others rather than respect and cooperate, or otherwise perpetuates circumstances that beget a justified sense of unease among other members, that member will be approached in an attempt to resolve the issue(s). Both the incident and the subsequent discussion will be documented. Such discussion may involve one-on-one conversation, a small group meeting, or all present members of the project reaching a consensus-based decision (unanimity-minus-one) in regard to how to handle the situation. More severe issues (physical violence, sexual harassment, chronic substance abuse, et cetera) and/or those that cannot be resolved may lead to that individual being asked to peacefully terminate their involvement with the "Cocolandia" project; that is, termination of their membership status and a request to vacate all Cocolandia project locations as immediately as safely possible and practical.

## NOTE ##
Cocolandia is a 100% vegan project — those that plan to exploit non-human animals, keep them in captivity, or consume their products while involved with Cocolandia need not apply.

PASSED via unanimous consent on 2019-03-31

REVISED via unanimous consent on 2020-10-18


Proposal: Implement a consensus-based decision-making process for Cocolandia meetings, with a decision rule of unanimous consent.

PASSED via unanimous consent on 2019-03-31

Proposal: Regarding general project governance, Cocolandia will govern itself by means of "Considerate" Do-ocracy: Any project that contributes to the success of the Mission of Cocolandia and does not contradict the Cocolandia Master Planting Plan or consume resources not yet allocated to the project in question may be initiated by any individual at will. For projects that require resources to be allocated or would contradict the Cocolandia Master Planting Plan or would interfere with projects currently planned/underway, an individual may only proceed after consulting with all (other) present Members and reaching a unanimous decision (either within or outside of a Cocolandia meeting). Throughout the course of an individual project, the individual leading the project is encouraged to communicate openly, honestly, compassionately, and frequently-within-reason with (other) Members in order to facilitate mutual awareness and avoid potential conflicts.

PASSED via unanimous consent on 2019-03-31

Planting Plan Meetings

How do we schedule Planting Plan meetings, and how do we conduct them?

Proposal: Planting Plan meetings may be scheduled at each Planting Plan meeting or may be called at any reasonable time if discussion is urgently needed, such as in response to the arrival of bare-rooted trees. Planting Plan meetings are to be conducted using the consensus process and a decision rule of unanimous consent. Attendance is optional. Any individuals that desire to participate in the discussion should do so by presenting prepared, well-developed ideas backed by factual information or in response to others’ ideas in a fact-based, solution-oriented manner so as to ensure productive discussion. The updated Cocolandia Master Planting Plan will be emailed out to all Cocolandia members after the meeting.

PASSED via unanimous consent on 2019-03-31


We define drugs to be any mind-altering exogenous substances other than raw food, water, or air.

Cocolandia is a drug-free project. Drugs of any kind are not to be brought onto the property. Those with medical conditions may apply for an exception if drugs are their only viable option. The exception will be documented.

If someone is taking drugs (at Cocolandia or in the cantón of Zapotillo), the incident will be recorded and an individual, a small group, or all present members of the project (depending on the situation) will hold a structured discussion with the individual to determine the best course of action to take. The discussion will be likewise documented.

PASSED on 2019-03-31

REVISED via unanimous consent on 2020-06-14

Domesticated Animals

What is Cocolandia's policy on domesticated animals?

Proposal: No one staying at Cocolandia shall domesticate any animal(s) or bring any domesticated non-human animal(s) onto the land.

PASSED via unanimous consent on 2019-05-08