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Give Us Your Money

NOTE that the Cocolandia project is currently on hold due to multiple factors including lack of funds and lack of assistance. If you would like to donate so that we may get the project started again, it would be greatly appreciated.

Cocolandia is currently seeking responsible folks willing to support the project by means of buying the land upon which it sits, either individually or as part of a joint purchase. This would prevent conflicts of interest between the project and the landowner and thereby protect the land from further degradation until we can reforest it. One need not commit to managing the project or even set foot in Ecuador in order to buy land. We ask those interested to read this website to full comprehension before contacting us.

Monetary donations are used to purchase fruit trees, tools/equipment, and infrastructural improvements. You can specify what you want your donation to be used for. You can also donate seeds and plants. To donate land for preservation or reforestation, contact us.

Examples of donation amounts and what they can be used for:

  • $5: one machete
  • $8: one hoe
  • $10: one shovel
  • $50: one wheelbarrow
  • $2-$65: a fruit tree from another nursery
  • $20-$30: one day of professional infrastructure work (electrical, construction, et cetera)

You can donate by:

  • Liberapay (USD):
  • PayPal (USD) to our email address (hover to see it)
  • Cryptocurrency: COMING SOON(-ish)