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Similar Projects

One of our goals at Cocolandia, in the spirit of our Mission, is to spread and inspire the creation of bountiful food forests throughout the world so that more people can escape the financial fiction, live a sustainable lifestyle, and restore their natural habitat and peace of mind. The purpose of this page is to provide a listing of similar projects around the world, including details and contact information for those who are interested.

Other Fruit Forest / Raw Vegan Homesteading Projects

This website mainly focuses on Cocolandia, our fruity oasis in south-western Ecuador. You can come live here and help us with the project, or you can buy land nearby and assist with the project that way. We list a number of other fruit forest projects here which have various ownership situations and policies on staying:

South America


Terra Frutis - the most established raw vegan/fruitarian and sustainable food forest project in Ecuador. Located in the Nambija Valley along Rio Zamora in Morona-Santiago, "Mount Frutis" spans 136 hectares and is already home to hundreds if not thousands of fruit trees. Ranging from 720m elevation at the river to 1200m at the summit and offering everything from mountain streams and primary forest to recovering cow pasture and secondary overgrowth, this flagship project will eventually provide wet-tropical fruity nourishment to 20+ fruitarians. Terra Frutis was founded as an "anti-establishment movement with food production, health and community as important aspects." Contact the nice folks at Terra Frutis via their website or via their social media for more information on membership and volunteering.

Lumicon Farm
Lumicon Farm is a small-scale veganic agroforestry project and primary rainforest preserve located at ~600m elevation in the megadiverse Napo Province. From their website:

"We are a bit of a different model of centre working towards reconnecting with the natural world around us along with our inner selves. Our mission here is to grow, to learn, and to cleanse by keeping our eyes, our hearts, and our minds open. With a focus on increasing our consciousness, flexibility, and respect for others and the planet's living forms, we are working hard to create a more sustainable way of living. We grow everything from decoration plants and exotic fruit trees to lost and forgotten local crops and (in)famous medicinal plants. You can call the project a food forest, or a self-healing center, or whatever you like. We are simply creating space for people of similar vibrations and ideas. We don't belong to any organisation, religion, or spiritual group...
Here at Lumicon, as far as work and activities go, there is something for everyone! If you have any special skills that can be put to use on the farm, they won’t go to waste! We take each day as it comes, working with and around the seasons. In our volunteer program, we offer veganic agroforestry classes, art/painting, a space for yoga and meditation, and occasionally a traditional temazcal sweat lodge. We offer accomodations for various retreats and also private cabins for rent for friendly monthly rates. Remember, you don't rent a square box here – you rent the whole farm with many spaces to use. We experiment with local and international vegan cuisine and make natural chocolate from farm-grown cacao. Most importantly, there is an energy here that will provide you with the tools you need to develop an appreciation for the natural world around you and a sense of peace within yourself. Come to detox and reconnect, and feel your body and soul potentiate... to recover from the system."
Contact Tony at Lumicon Farm via email or Bookface after reading the website for more information.

Peaceful Village Raw Vegan Healing Community
Peaceful Village is a vegan community, veganic agroforestry project, and old-growth rainforest preserve nestled in the lowest foothills of the Andes at the edge of the lower Amazon Basin in western Orellana Province.

"We are a raw vegan healing community living by example to demonstrate that another way of living is possible. Peaceful Village envisions a world in which all beings and nature are respected, and no one is used against their will or seen as property. We all live in harmony for the highest good of all life. We are a nonprofit, non-competition, organically producing and growing independent network, forming a unique community project in the Amazonian jungles of Ecuador."
For more information on the current state of the project, their core values and guiding principles, and how to join, see their website. They also host the World Vegan Forum where one can discuss the theory and practice of animal liberation, regenerative agroforestry, intentional communities, and more.

"Rainbow Crystal Land Vilcabamba"
Located near Vilcabamba in the Andes of southern Ecuador, this land is quite a challenge and it will likely be a while before we attempt to start anything here. The land is a steep mountainside, though an hour's walk provides a flat location sufficient for building, and further up there is a lake on the property. The lower elevation has some cherimoya trees. Contact us for details.

Central America

Costa Rica

Pura Fruta - A new community starting near Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side. They are looking for new members and volunteers. They sell shares of the property to members. Each share secures a private lot for building as well as access to fruit forest and garden yields and all the community shared spaces, such as 15+ hectares of community land, community platforms and school, library and office space, vehicles, et cetera.

Quintessence in Costa Rica lost much during a forest fire, but the owners have persisted over many years and are still going strong, now replanting what was damaged. Contact Carine on Bookface or email her.

Las Cascadas
Las Cascadas consists of a very large tract of valley (up to 3500 hectares planned) in the low mountains of the Nicoya Peninsula. Most of the land was previously cleared for pasture. The project, currently in the early stages, will include a 50-hectare fruit forest, an 800-hectare nature preserve, a 7-hectare botanical garden, and ample infrastructure for retreats and ecotourism. The raw vegan community located on a portion of the land operates using non-violent communication and consensus-based decision-making. The community holds the core values of "Peaceful Living", "Health and Wellness", "Love and respect for nature", and "Sustainable living practices".

Asia / Pacific


Terra Mana
Terra Mana photograph of river
Located on 5 hectares in Sumatra, Indonesia. Community/project details and contact information are on the website. Project began in 2001. They have a Bookface page.


Asante Gardens in Hawaii
An intentional community/food forest on the Big Island of Hawai’i, based on 80/10/10 and raw vegan principles.

A low-fat, raw vegan farm on the Big Island of Hawai’i working toward full food sustainability.

An animal sanctuary, veganic farm, and education centre located in the countryside of Kohala on the Big Island. This location offers spectacular views and the deepest soil in Hawaii. From their website:

"This extraordinary land has stunning mountain and ocean views, a temperate climate all year round, the deepest soil in the state, and enough room, water, sunshine and just the right elevation to grow everything from coconuts to soybeans. It is ideal as a location for plant-based food production and a model of environmental responsibility, in a world whose need for both becomes greater all the time. Here is where we hope to realize our vision of VeganLand: an oasis of peace for the vegan in everyone, in the international hub that is Hawaii."

"Gentle World welcomes help in developing their projects in either location, whether through talents, skills, or resources. They accept WWOOFers (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) through an application process found here. They are also open to visitors if contacted in advance. For more information about the work Gentle World is doing to promote veganism and veganic gardening throughout the world, visit

"Please be aware that our New Zealand center is open only during the summer months, and is closed to visitors from the end of April until the beginning of November. Our Hawaii center is closed to visitors from the end of December until the beginning of April."

Ohana Aina (Family Land) - A vegan food forest community on the Big Island. Contact Eric Oliver for more information.

Yes we have a farm community here on the Big Island of Hawaii.
We keep a strictly Vegan kitchen, which both attracts alot of vegans, as well as inspires others to dive into a healthy Vegan lifestyle.
We also seem to attract alot of Fruitarians here. This past season there was a good solid core group of people here that all knew each other from the Woodstock Fruit Fest. We all vibed really well together. At one point earlier this season, there [were] 27 people living here! It was a truly wonderful group of people that all got along so beautifully and worked so well together.
It's been the most fulfilling and rewarding experience ever, holding space for this community.
Our long term vision for the farm is to plant dense food forest all around the perimeters of the property, as well as the back couple of [hectares].
And build dwellings for everyone scattered throughout the fruit trees.
The center of the property is open and grassy with established mango orchard, and some citrus and avocado. There is a large common house with a few rooms that I [Eric] rent out. There are also spaces available for worktrade such as the small room in the house, as well as a couple of shipping containers that have been set up as living spaces with beds floor mats and electricity.
There is also plenty of camping space and floor space for worktrade.
We also host a weekly Saturday Vegan Potluck, Fruitluck, Music jam at the farm. The event has really caught on within the greater community. Anywhere from 40 on a slow night to 130 people during peak season show up for the event.
We are currently building a new stage for music events, which we also like to host here. For live music. So many talented musicians coming through the area here.
The farm is called Ohana Aina... Which is Hawaiian for Family Land"


Various Projects in Australia:
If you want to know about various fruit-based permaculture projects going on in the tropical regions of Australia and how you can help, please contact Jesse Radja through Bookface or email.

New Zealand

"We own [184 hectares] of magnificent New Zealand countryside that we call Shangri-La; a private valley, with two pristine rivers. Here we welcome volunteers each summer season (from November-May) to help lift Shangri-La up to its name, which includes the planting and maintenance of hundreds of fruit trees, flower gardens and vegetable patches, all grown veganically.

"Shangri-La is home to an orchard of young fruit trees: avocado, persimmon, pear, apple, fig, plum, sapote, cherimoya, mandarin and navel oranges. Nut trees—walnut, almond, and macadamia—have also been planted. From the vegetable garden they harvest a variety of greens for salads and steams, as well as celery, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, squash and zucchini, beans and peas, carrots and beets, onions, garlic, and more. This feeds the members of their community as well as guests and wwoofers, with the surplus occasionally sold at the local health food store or farmer’s market. Since the produce is primarily intended for their own consumption, they are not planning to become officially certified.

"Hay is used as a mulch, and vegetable compost is added to maintain fertility. Lupines are planted at the end of the season to fix nitrogen and are mowed down in the spring to become a green manure. Occasionally seaweed, rock dusts and wood ash are also added.

"Gentle World welcomes help in developing their projects in either location, whether through talents, skills, or resources. They accept WWOOFers (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) through an application process found here. They are also open to visitors if contacted in advance. For more information about the work Gentle World is doing to promote veganism and veganic gardening throughout the world, visit

"Please be aware that our New Zealand center is open only during the summer months, and is closed to visitors from the end of April until the beginning of November. Our Hawaii center is closed to visitors from the end of December until the beginning of April."



Flores de Vida
An ongoing project situated on 6 hectares in north-eastern Spain with many fruit trees.

Kuna Comuna
A vegan permaculture project and intentional community on Tenerife.

North America


Sunshine's House of Orthopathy
Informal city community of fruitarians/natural hygienists living in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, which has a sub-tropical USDA Zone 9. Features many public fruit trees, active harvesting/foraging operations, fruitlucks, and community events. Email for info on relocating there.

Feel free to suggest other vegan projects to be listed here - projects that are inspired by the idea of returning humanity to a sustainable path via biologically-diverse fruit forests and small-scale, voluntary systems of self-governance.